Kamis, 18 November 2010

How to Decorate Your Lovely Bedroom

Before decorating children's play room, parents should know what the wishes of children. That way, you'll implement something that is desirable in the child's play room. Here are tips you can do to decorate the living son or daughter's favorite activity.1. Determine areas suitable for creating a children's play room. It is advisable to choose a safe space, clean and good air circulation.2. Because the children liked the color, paint the playroom wall color with bright colors or colors that she liked.3. Adjust the color of the walls or other furniture with the sex of the child. Select a feminine color, like pink or yellow for girls. And masculine colors like dark blue and brown for boys.4. Choose materials and furnishings are safe toys for children. Avoid that contain hazardous chemicals. To be safe, you can choose from wood material.5. Avoid selecting too high-rise rack and put toys in a place that is easy to reach the little guy.6. If using carpet, should be diligent cleaning. Do not select carpet hair because it has the potential to keep dust and moisture which is good for baby health. You can also use a foam pad as the base play.7. Keep laying tools such as electronic and electric fan and outlet of the reach of children. We recommend that you place it on top of the wall. Do not also put drugs in the room playing children.8. Note the placement of furniture or children's toys so as not to interfere with their motor activity.

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